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Country side : Ladeh
Subdistrict : Depati VII
Regency : Kerinci
Province : Jambi
Population : 578 Populated
Regional Wide : 89 652 Km2

Ladeh is a countryside which is located in Subdistrict of Depati VII of Regency Kerinci, Province Jambi, representing area of plain is with experienced structure a landscape area and most it’s region is area of rice field agriculture

countryside of Countryside of ladeh cope to develop to become Countryside madely is Countryside which listen carefully will be technological and able to give accurate information be quickly for society with through effort development of x'self use modern information technology, but with limitation of budget only rely on source of earnings from sharing holder of land;ground of cash of Countryside and Allocation from Regency Government, to date plan to own network by server is adequate not yet can be reached. with all effort exploitedly all human resource only by using modem phone new seluler able to become source of information for society of ladeh

through this blog is we very hope if there is party of private sector interested lift a hand fund of hibah for countryside of our ladeh conveniently greet the aid .

Governance structure

Lead of Villiage : Zamakhsari, S.Ag

Villiage Secretary : Idirman, A.ma.

Chief Of The Desk Governance : Taufik Hidayat, S.Pi

Chief Of The Desk Social : Dedi Fitriadi, SH

Chief Of The Desk Development : Nafri Donal

Lead of New Orchard : Firman Kurnia wahyudi

Lead of Orchard Lamo : Asril

Intro to Creator Blog Santai

Lead Of Villiage

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Comments: 8

Ini baru cocok, ajari masyarakat dengan kepintaran jangan bodohi

Sent by: serniatoni | Tuesday, 19 May 2009 09:34:52 GMT

Buat creatornya anda telah menunjukkan manajmen iformasi modern kepada masyarakat yang ada di Desa anda "selamat dan Sukses"

Sent by: rosi | Sunday, 17 May 2009 01:00:16 GMT

Semoga pemerintahan ladeh dicontoh pemerintah dasa yang ada di Muaro Jambi dan Yang di jambi

Sent by: Handoyo Halizumaidy | Sunday, 17 May 2009 00:57:41 GMT

Ini contoh pemerintahan yang baik

Sent by: [dian] | Sunday, 17 May 2009 00:55:54 GMT

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